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I’m a designer and practitioner of fine typography in Auckland, New Zealand. I co-founded a design and development studio, Cactuslab, in 2001, and a social network for film fans, Letterboxd, in 2011. I design themes for Tumblr, speak occasionally about web techniques and typography, and think up reasons to visit New York City.

Matthew Buchanan

Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2009


A very clever bookmarklet by Steve Souders that examines the background images on a page and automatically generates CSS sprites (and recomputes all background positions!) based on how the images are used in the page, and grouping by size. The interface displays a running tally of the number of HTTP requests saved as well as the reduction in filesize. My only (very minor) complaint is the manual work required to fold the changes back into the source CSS files, but this is genius. (via Tim Dawson)

Source: reconfine