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I’m a designer and practitioner of fine typography in Auckland, New Zealand. I co-founded a design and development studio, Cactuslab, in 2001, and a social network for film fans, Letterboxd, in 2011. I design themes for Tumblr, speak occasionally about web techniques and typography, and think up reasons to visit New York City.

Matthew Buchanan

Posted on Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Here’s a new Tumblr I’ve launched today: An Illustrated Guide. It’s a review site for picture books that I’ve created with my wife Catherine, covering illustrated books that have caught our eye. We’ll be publishing new reviews regularly, with a selection of titles that will appeal to both parents and collectors of beautiful things. Take a look, follow along. (There’s some extra interactive goodness for those viewing in Safari.)

The good news is I fixed the tag pages. The bad news is I deleted the whole shebang in a fit of impressive Tumblarity. The remaining posts will be restored in the next hour or two are now back.