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I’m a designer and practitioner of fine typography in Auckland, New Zealand. I co-founded a design and development studio, Cactuslab, in 2001, and a social network for film fans, Letterboxd, in 2011. I design themes for Tumblr, speak occasionally about web techniques and typography, and think up reasons to visit New York City.

Matthew Buchanan

Posted on Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Customising the Esquire Theme

Here’s a few tips for anyone who’s installed my recently released Esquire Theme for Tumblr, inspired by the typography and design in the US edition of Esquire magazine:

  • To enable Tim Van Damme's lovely social media icons, check the box for "Show social media links" in the Appearance settings, then enter the relevant usernames for the sites you’d like to display.

  • To highlight your own notes on a permalink page, enter your Tumblr username in the Appearance settings for the theme (new in version 1.5).

  • If you’d prefer the sidebar to scroll along with the rest of the page, change the CSS positioning parameter for #sidebar from fixed to absolute. You’ll find this declaration near the top of the CSS block in the theme code.

  • Disqus comments are natively supported as of version 1.5. Enter your Disqus shortname in the Appearance settings for the theme.

  • Most of the theme’s colours may be customised in the Appearance menu within the Customize section of the Tumblr Dashboard (for example, Jess in Hot Pink).

Thanks to everyone who’s promoted the theme or sent feedback.